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Halo 4 Spartan Ops: Episode Two released, SWAT added to multiplayer

Halo 4 received a pair of updates early Monday morning in the tune of a new set of Spartan Ops missions and a playlist update that adds SWAT to the Xbox 360 shooter.

More Spartan Ops are now available along with SWAT for multiplayer in Halo 4.
343 Industries, Microsoft Game Studios

Spartan Ops: Episode Two should appear in your Spartan Ops playlist whenever you boot up Halo 4 on your console next. The plot of the ten week episodic series kicks in this week as a Forerunner artifact that the humans discovered on Requiem begins to cause trouble on the UNSC Infinity. Send in the Spartans to save the day.

343 Industries will be updating the multiplayer playlist for Halo 4 every week versus the once a month update for Halo: Reach. The very first update since launch adds SWAT to the rotation. The classic mode comes with some changes to both weapon damage and the HUD. Players will be equipped with Battle Rifles, DMRs and Magnums, have no shield or radar tracking, and will not be able to use ordnance drops in this game mode.

Here is how 343 Industries tweaked the three weapons for SWAT.

  • DMR – 3 bullets to the chest, 1 bullet to the head
  • Magnum – 3 bullets to the chest, 1 bullet to the head
  • BR – 7 bullets to the chest (this gun shoots three bullets in a burst, so the first bullet of the third burst will kill the player), 1 bullet to the head

Here are the maps that will be available in the SWAT playlist.

  • Haven
  • Adrift
  • Complex
  • Abandon
  • Solace

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