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Halo 4 Spartan Ops Episode 4 goes live with FFA Throwback playlist update

The fourth episode of Spartan Ops for Halo 4 plus a multiplayer playlist update went live for the Xbox 360 shooter Monday morning.

It's every man for himself with the FFA Throwback playlist added to Halo 4 this week.
343 Industries, Microsoft Game Studios

Spartan Ops Episode 4 continues the story of the UNSC Infinity and its contingent of Spartan IVs as it deals with the aftermath of the campaign. This week reveals more of the plans of the Covenant splinter group's leader, Jul M'Dama, while Dr. Halsey discusses her role in the creation of the Spartan IIs.

Free For All (FFA) Throwback joins the multiplayer playlist rotation while Team Snipers exits stage left. Oddball and King of the Hill modes will test who is the best solo player in Halo 4.

Here are the maps that will appear in the FFA Throwback playlist

  • Haven
  • Adrift
  • Complex
  • Solace
  • Abandon

Here are the settings for FFA Throwback

  • Teams - 8-player FFA
  • Modes - Oddball, King of the Hill
  • Score to Win – Oddball 100
  • Score to Win – KotH 50
  • Time Limit - 12 Minutes

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