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‘Halo 4’ review

With “Halo 4” having been released on Nov. 6, thousands of fans are already getting into it, but some of those who were anxious about the game taking on new enemies and being produced by a new company, may not have purchased it yet.

So for you fence-sitters, I have a brief “Halo 4” review run-down.

Halo 4” felt familiar enough that, if you’re a “Halo” veteran, you’ll be able to slide right into this comfortably. However, there are enough new things to keep even the veteran fan excited and interested. Overall, the main driving force behind the story is still the interaction between Master Chief and Cortana and many of the enemies fight and react similarly to their Covenant counterparts.

There is a unique twist on some enemies though. For example, Crawlers are the main assault troops. They come at you in swarms, exactly like their Covenant counterparts, and exactly like their counterparts, they will retreat when the battle starts turning against them. Surprise of surprises though, it turns out they weren’t just running away, they were setting a trap. The first time I encountered these enemies I thought it was just going to be another hum-drum encounter like I’d seen dozens of times before, and boy was I surprised when I walked right into the Crawler ambush.

And if your preferred play-style is the run and gun style, you might want to modify yourself around the new Prometheans. Crawlers can climb on the ceiling and if you just charge through their lines they will drop behind you and surround Master Chief so that you have to deal with an assault from all sides.

Knights, who use a teleporting ability to escape damage and regenerate shields, will also use this teleporting to close the distance between themselves and Master Chief, where they will use a fierce melee attack that dishes out a ton of damage. Attempt to run and gun through their lines and you could end up getting bashed on all sides and unable to recuperate from the damage.

Watchers, the flying enemy, provide support fire and provide shielding and repair to other Prometheans. They can also redirect grenades by catching them mid-air and throwing them right back at you. Running straight at these guys just causes them to fall back out of range, and running out into the open to attack them is sure to get you blindsided by whatever other Prometheans have accompanied them.

As for the overall plot, it’s nothing ground-breaking, but it is a solid and enjoyable story with a satisfying, if somewhat sad, ending.


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