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'Halo 4' multiplayer updates changed to bi-weekly releases, death 'X' returning

Halo 4 multiplayer updates moved to a bi-weekly release schedule.
Halo 4 multiplayer updates moved to a bi-weekly release schedule.
343 Industries, Microsoft Game Studios

Halo 4 players have become accustomed to a multiplayer playlists being added, removed and tweaked every week since the Xbox 360 game's release last November. 343 Industries announced Thursday that it is changing the schedule up to a bi-weekly release.

343's Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky explained in a Halo Bulletin that the move to multiplayer matchmaking updates every other week is experimental at this point. "Overall, this will allow us to provide you with more substantial updates, bestow attention where it’s most needed and allow newly implemented playlists a longer runway to succeed or fail from both a gameplay nuance perspective as well as supplying more data to mine and learn from," he wrote.

"In the coming weeks, you’ll see some sizable updates to many of our existing playlists as we prepare to launch CSR [Competitive Skill Rank] next month," Bravo continued. "We are also in the process of finalizing the design of our FFA playlist and nailing down a plan on how to best bring objective game types to larger parties. There are a lot of decisions to be made for both of these, and they’re both on the way. Additionally, as mentioned above, the Multiplayer team is investigating how to best improve the various playlists."

That means the next Halo 4 multiplayer update will not arrive until Monday, March 25. Bravo has confirmed that this update will include more gametypes for the Action Sack playlist that was introduced last week. Additionally, he also revealed that the "X" on the HUD that marks where teammates dies in multiplayer matches will be returning. However, he wasn't clear if this would be part of the March 25 update or a future update.

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Via: Halo Waypoint


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