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Halloween wedding theme: Bride of Frankenstein

Your wedding guests will never forget an outrageous Halloween themed celebration!
Your wedding guests will never forget an outrageous Halloween themed celebration!

If you are getting married in October, it is the perfect opportunity to do something very different and very fun as a wedding theme! There are many fun possibilities, but my favorite idea is a Bride of Frankenstein themed wedding. It is also a budget-friendly idea, as you can find great deals on everything you need for wedding fashion and decorations. Here are some ideas for a Bride of Frankenstein wedding.

*  Get your dress and tux or suit from a thrift shop. You can then create some strategically-placed cuts and tears in the fabric to create a rough, monster-like look. You should be able to outfit both the bride and groom for around $50. The Goodwill in Kentwood, Michigan usually has a nice selection of formal wear at reasonable prices.

*  Dress bridesmaids in old prom dresses, also with monsterly cuts and tears. Most thrift stores sell them for $20 or less.

*  Add even more character to your bridal party outfits with some touches of fake blood.
*  Look for a Frankenstein’s Bride wig - the tall, black hair with white stripes up the sides. (The Halloween Store, with locations in Muskegon and Holland, has an excellent selection for all of your wig, mask, and makeup needs.)

*  A full-face Frankenstein mask isn’t ideal for a wedding. Instead, look for a Frankenstein wig, green face makeup, and neck bolts. I’ve seen both glue-on neck bolts as well as bolts connected by a band that goes around the back of the neck.

*  For decorations at the reception, create your own mad scientist jars. Save glass jars in various sizes and wash them out well. (For large jars, ask around at restaurants. They often get food items like pickles in gallon-size glass jars that are ideal for this project.) Look for fake body parts, like severed fingers, hands, feet, and eyeballs. Dollar Tree is a good place to find these kind of things. Place a fake body part in each jar and fill it with water. Add a small amount of liquid laundry detergent to the water and stir very gently (try not to make any soap bubbles). Screw on the lids and place the jars in front of a black light; the detergent will make the water glow.

*  Instead of placing bowls of mints on the tables at the reception, serve eyeball-shaped candies.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Halloween is one time of year where anything goes, so let your imagination take over!


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