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Halloween Music pt. 2

Scary pumpkin
Scary pumpkin
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In the last post, we looked at a few songs about typical Halloween characters such as the witch, the ghost and the serial killer. Today's list will focus on songs that are not about specific monsters or creatures per se but rather just capture the festive duality of TRICK/TREAT. So next time a kid says "trick or treat," give them a download code with one of these songs on it.


Run DMC- It's Tricky
Kelis- Trick Me
Teena Marie- Trick Bag
Radiohead- The Trickster
Chet Atkins- Tricky
And of course... anything by Tricky, preferably something off Maxinquaye


Santana- Treat
Moby Grape- Treat Me Bad
The X-ecutioners- Beat Treats
Chubb Rock- Treat 'em Right

And if you can't decide, how about a few "trick or treat" songs:


Chuck Berry- Trick or Treat
Robert Cray- Trick or Treat
Lionel Hampton- Trick or Treat
Otis Redding- Trick or Treat
John Zorn-  Trick or Treat