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Halloween is extended in Lexington thanks to The Scarefest

Scarefest 2010 Logo
Scarefest 2010 Logo
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Halloween night is coming to an end and you may find yourself packing away your costume with a sigh, already planning next year's festivities. And why not? This time of year, we are surrounded by horror movies and ghost stories, fake blood and haunted houses. While we can choose to have these things be a part of our lives all year round, this is the time in which they hold the most magic.

You may well watch the original Dawn of the Dead tomorrow, but you will know that you are already in to Thanksgiving country. So you pack away the vampire fangs, the bloody hatchet, or the Jason mask with a heavy heart. Next year will bring a zombie or a werewolf with Jello mold hearts, tombstone cookies, and glow-in-the-dark spider webs.

This year, however, you just might be able to hold off the turkey thoughts for one more week with this excellent date idea. The Scarefest is a horror and paranormal convention held in the heart of Lexington each year. Whether you're in love with horror movies and the macabre or you are addicted to Discovery Channel's Ghost Lab, you will find something at The Scarefest which will entertain you.

Stars from both aspects will be guests at the convention. You will have equal opportunity to meet Danny Trejo of Machete fame, Robb Demarest from Ghost Hunters International, and even George Romero himself (yes, that George Romero). Of course, you could also meet local fame while you wonder the aisles as well. Local ghost hunter Patti Starr (who is one of the people responsible for The Scarefest) will be there along with Lexington actor Mike Holman.

Of course, blood, guts, and ghouls are not the only thing you can find at The Scarefest. Each year, one lucky couple is chosen for an Undead Wedding. Tickets for the event are sold to the public. This year's winners have a special connection with The Scarefest if you take into consideration the fact that the groom to be's proposal took place at last year's convention with the help of none other than Kane Hodder. (You can watch their story here in one of The Scarefest Vlogs.)

For those of you who love gore or ghosts or both, this is a perfect date idea. The convention is open this Friday from 5PM to 10PM, Saturday from 11AM to 8PM, and Sunday 12PM to 4PM. Tickets are $20 for Friday and Sunday, $25 for Saturday, or $55 for all weekend. Special events do cost extra.

So take your sweetie to The Lexington Convention Center to meet his or her favorite horror director, buy them an almost bootleg DVD of that one movie they've been dying to own but isn't released, and have a picture of your aura* taken while you're at it!

*It should be noted that it hasn't been verified that this particular event will be taking place again this year.


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