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Halloween Horror Nights Coupons available: Join Ariana Grande for a good scare

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando will have zombies walking the hallways. “The Walking Dead” maze of Terminus is coming to live and so are portions of the TV shows "From Dusk Till Dawn" and Syfy's "Face Off." Thinking you are alone with your love of Halloween Horror Nights? Think again Ariana Grande told Boston Herald on Sunday that she looks forward to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights all year.

Ariana Grande belts out a number
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

This popular entertainer isn’t the only one who makes the annual trek to Orlando to be frightened. Many people from around the country plan their vacation adventures around the chance to enjoy a night of terror. It’s an annual tradition in Florida that brings in people from around the world.

This year the theme park opens up the park to some of the scariest and most frightening creatures of the night. Universal Orlando has revealed the themes for all eight haunted houses for the 2014 edition of Halloween Horror Nights and for fans who love to be scared, there are ample opportunities. For the first time ever, the movie “Halloween” will be represented at the theme park. Depending on the day of your arrival, you could save more cash too.

The only thing scarier than what is seen in the mazes offered in the dead of night is showing up without a discount. Now to worry as a little planning can offer you a savings of $25 a night with a promo code. With so many people heading to the theme parks to enjoy the dark of the night, the savings currently offered is worth every penny. Plus it gives you a chance to go back again and again with new friends to see what all the screaming is about.

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