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Halloween hauntings

a dark house with a bright heart
a dark house with a bright heart

810 Willamette is a home of age and beauty and some mention of spirits. It is also an annual Haunted house for those local kids who want a good scare! Every year the theme is different from a zombie graveyard to a spooky pirate's vessel.

Great effort is put in and all for free. The kids who make their way around the not too scary route, a maze of jumpy frights, like a spider in a bush that leaps out at you via remote control, get some awesome candy and a chance to take the 'scary' route, a few more people in scary masks and a chainsaw maybe, the next time for more. 

I also recommend the nearby Market and Deli for their costume and pumpkin contests and some spooky treats of their own. 

Both are real jewels of the neighborhood and make Colorado springs the place people love to move to.

For some real haunted houses just check out some of my other postings but be warned they are busy this time of year and private residences are to be asked permission first and respected. 

Have a lovely October festival season.


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