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Halloween Harvest Festival date for the LA couple


The boy and I had a great time the other night at the Pierce College Pumpkin Patch, AKA: Halloween Harvest Festival. This is my third year attending and it gets better each time. If you or your significant other enjoy Halloween, you MUST attend this pumpkin patch! It's open seven days a week but it's soon coming to an end on November 1st. 

What I enjoy most about the Harvest Festival are all the activities. If you've got kids, there's PLENTY of entertainment for them! There's a merry-go-round, a hay ride, a petting zoo and some other various "carnival" type rides too. For any of you couples with or without children, there is a haunted house, a haunted trail in a corn field and my personal favorite, the corn maze! You can get lost in there for hours! Also, outside of all the activities, there's lots of food and pumpkin fun for everyone! 

The prices vary and you've got a few options that can include or exclude certain activities. For $20 to $25 each, you'll get a full experience. With $12 each, you'll just get the corn maze and all the pumpkin patch sites. This is also a great deal if you're not up for being chased by a masked man carrying a chain saw or for being frightened in the haunted house. For more information regarding the prices and the Harvest Festival altogether, please click here:

And remember, this pumpkin patch is only opened until November 1st! If you're in the mood for a unique and fun date, you can't pass this up! It's a Halloween experience you won't forget! 


  • Jamie 5 years ago

    Is that you in the picture? Cute! Sounds like a great date idea!