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Halloween fun!

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Photo by Ashley Schlottmann

Halloween is a great time to get jump started in your child’s classroom. Whether your child is in preschool or elementary school every teacher loves parent participation.

This time of year there is a lot of classroom parties and a great way for parents to participate in your child’s class. You can do this by bringing treats or decorations for the classroom. Take the time to go to your child’s school and spend an hour with them at their Halloween party.

Most schools in the Portsmouth area have a costume parade like New Franklin in Portsmouth, NH. The children get to do a parade around the block in their costumes. Teachers dress up and families are welcome. What a better way for a child to feel special then to have their parents in their classroom celebrating and having a snack with them.

You can also have your own Halloween party and invite families in your neighborhood or close friends. This is a great time to bring part of the community together and get to know your neighbors. You can have a potluck and have everyone bring goodies. There can be games like pin the pumpkin. This game is just like pin the tail on the donkey, but the pieces you are putting on the pumpkin are the eyes, nose, and teeth. This can be a funny game for children and families.

Don’t forget!!!
*Don’t forget to go over safety tips with your children. It’s important to always check your child’s candy before they eat them to make sure it is safe.
*Bring a flashlight.
*It’s always safer to go in groups.
*It’s best to go in neighborhoods you are familiar with and discuss talking to strangers with your children.
*Make sure your child’s costume is safe, they can see, and are comfortable.
 If you are looking for more safety tips and great ideas for the classroom or for your own Halloween party check out the links below.

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