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Halloween for little ones involves limericks, costumes, and more


Leakylounge, "the official web forum of the," has must-see rules for writing super limericks for Halloween

Most of all, and what we should remember is that, Halloween is for children. For scary stories, I find that Ichabod Crane (The Headless Horseman) continues to draw older elementary children's attention, especially when read with appropriate scary noises. For younger chidren, there are lots of good ideas on the Internet or local library. Children of an appropriate age love scary stories read by loving adults when little ones are safely tucked into bed. A cup of hot cocoa afterwards also helps, or just milk and cookies. Also, Charlotte's Web has one of the most thrilling first pages in children's lit.

Halloween is mainly for children, and I think the simpler the costume the better. Pulling old clothes out of the attic or wearing an older sibling's clothes of last year...these are more fun than lots of dollars spent buying a ready-made get up, in my book.

Do you have memories of Halloweens past? I recall two metal garbage cans flying from the elementary school flagpole in days when police were more like Andy of Mayberry than CSI. We suspected two boys in our neighborhood. All of us felt very grown up in sixth grade, staying out till 9:30 and then having hot chocolate on the front walk at my house. I suspect such things still happen around here too.

Why not write a limerick to entertain children of any age between three and eleven? You can read it to one child or more, or post it on-line, or you can share it on a front porch, in a window, or at an office or with another group. Remember what it means to children to have fun, innocent enjoyment, social time, and exchange with adults, accompanied by adults, at doorways of apartments and homes. It is a time when little ones, especially, enjoy meeting grown ups in a fun and safely scary way. Remember, Halloween is for children. Let them enjoy it, and as you help in this way,  you build memories of good times together, no pressure, just fun!