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Halloween costumes that leave less to the imagination

Getting an invite to a Halloween party is half the fun of thinking about something great to be. Spending days thinking about your favorite heroines and villains in movies, musicians and celebrities until you finally land the greatest idea of all time: you and your friends are going to be the Fruit of the Loom band. You know, the singing fruit? So just before pinning that last purple balloon in place, your friend opens the door of the party. Like a scene from a horror flick, the Halloween theme song immediately begins as every female is wearing next to nothing and all the men have enormous smiles on their faces. 
Jennifer J. Baumgartner of Psychology Today discusses the different notions behind dressing up on Halloween.
"During Halloween, a woman's desire to dress alluringly finally has an acceptable outlet, the Halloween costume," Baumgartner said.
Yes, dressing provocatively will land ladies attention for one night and one night only. The other 364 days of the year you are out of luck if you want to catch eyes with a man.
This American holiday--event--has become a poor excuse to leave the house in underwear. People are left pondering what certain costume's even are until finally deciding to smile and nod with a thumbs up for effort. 
In the movie Mean Girls, Amanda Seyfried's character explains her mouse costume as she answers her front door in sexy lingerie.
"I'm a mouse, duh," said Seyfried pointing to a head piece insinuating mouse ears. 
The costumes that used to be simple and self explanatory like ghosts, goblins and cereal killers, are now underwear with a stethoscope or cape. 
Where does the line draw as favorite childhood cartoon characters like care bears and smurf's are going extinct due to garter belts and knee high stockings? 
What are these costume's really saying about party goers anyway?
First there is the sexy sailor. The only sail this sailor puts up is her skirt; as it is shorter than her undergarments.
The firefighter:  the only fire that is fought is if a cigarette bud tends to stray anywhere near fake hair or curtains.
The German beer girl: coincidentally serves beer only to herself and is the most inebriated at the party.
Then you have got the guys who think their costumes are so clever like the bodyguard. Yeah, how appropriate and odd that you are actually needed to guard bodies—females—all night in the name of protection and safety! After all, playing your part is key to a great costume.
What about the guy in the paparazzi costume? Taking pictures of everyone--women--all night is not creepy at all. Everyone totally believes that you are just joking around and none of those pictures are even being saved. Right. 
Costume's used to be creative. When everyone is shopping at the same naughty costume store at the mall, of course you will see nine army girls and six Alice in Wonderlands. 
What's worse are the costume's being targeted to teen girls--juniors, as they call them--which are basically the same costume with just a little more fabric in the hem.
Yes mom, Katie is really going to a sleepover to watch Hannah Montana movies all night and gab about boys while stuffing her face with popcorn and candy. Keep telling yourself that.
The second she gets in the car, the fishnets are going on as well as a pound of makeup. Don't think her idea to be an angel is that angelic. 
If it's just attention girls or guys want, they would show up in a gorilla costume which would simply drive people insane wondering who was behind that furry mask.