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Halloween Costume Accessories to Crochet

What is this? A Halloween article in the middle of August? Indeed it is. But already, people are planning out their costumes for the coming Halloween, and you want to get a jump on your friends with some of these very cool costuming accessory ideas.

This article is sorted into two categories - patterns that are free, and patterns that come at a reasonable cost. Either way you choose to go, these items are must have for Halloween, the play room or any time you feel like being a bit different!

This first round of costuming patterns come to us from the archives on Ravelry. If you are a knitter, crocheter, spinner or weaver, Ravelry is just the community for you! It is free to sign up, and thousands of different communities based on interests, locations and lifestyles, as well as any other hobbies. I myself belong to several communities on Ravelry, and find it a good place for patterns, crocheting info, fun competitions and people of common interests to myself. I highly recommend it.

Free patterns:

The mad eyepatch - remind you of the Harry Potter films? Now you can look look like Mad Eye Moody yourself!

Want to be a pirate? You can't be one without a hook!

How about a full knight's costume for your young dragon slayer?

Looking to be a bird this year? Check out this duck slipper pattern -

For the little devil in your life - headband, pitchfork and tail -

For Purchase:

A little prince -

And his little princess:

Need a beard? Here it is:

One of the Olympians your hero? Here's a pattern to make the gold (silver or bronze) metal your hero won. Great for making a Micheal Phelps costume - just make 22! -

Of an urge to go a-viking? Here's your horns!

And my favorite so far - what happens when a shark eats your head? Why this does - a whimsical shark hat!

This is the first in our series of Halloween accessories to crochet - next time, we'll hit some other sites for patterns, look into some good books, and of course, look at all the very cute baby bunting costumes there are out there for babies - newborn through walking age!

Enjoy, and keep on crocheting!


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