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Halloween cookies

top cookies with kisses
top cookies with kisses

Halloween Cookies

Withes Hats

If you are looking for a last minute quick idea for a fun Halloween treat, these cookies are the answer. These cookies only take a few ingredients and are so simple and fun to make. They are delicious too. Enjoy!

Fudge striped shortbread cookies
Chocolate Kisses
A tube of Decorating frosting (any color you would like)

If you are working with kids you can dot the bottom of the kisses with frosting and then stick it to the cookie. If not, I found that melting the chocolate with a lighter for a second helps it stick to the cookie better.
Pipe frosting around the base of the kiss and then create a bow.

That’s it – easy and delicious.


  • Eliabeth Jones - Nashiville Budget Meals Examiner 5 years ago


    This is a wonderful idea! I want these, the kids will have to share! I am going to tweet this for you.