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Halloween 2013: Animals at Busch Gardens have playtime with pumpkins

Do animals celebrate Halloween? Of course they do! And the animal ambassadors at Busch Gardens Williamsburg are having fun with pumpkins as part of a training enrichment program.

Busch Gardens wallaroo, Pindari, plays with a pumpkin as part of a training enrichment program.
Busch Gardens Williamsburg

While much of the park is getting tricked out for the festivities of Christmas Town, the animals in the park are enjoying the treats of Halloween. The park's zoological staff has incorporated pumpkins into the training sessions of several of the animals, including Pindari the wallaroo and two red-ruffed lemurs, Akisa and Adana. The video also has a gray wolf, Scottish black-face sheep and even a clydesdale getting into the gourd action.

We schedule different types of training sessions for our animals which focus on categories such as husbandry, exercise, learning something new or even play," said Jay Tacey, Manager of Zoological Operations at Busch Gardens.

Playing pumpkin football or hiding treats inside the bright orange vessels can stimulate an animal's mind. Sssshhhh ... they don't know they're being enriched, they just think it's fun.

Take a peek at the super cute video, and check out Busch Gardens online. Happy Halloween!

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