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Hallmark makes it easy to be your child's cheerleader

Celebrate your child with a free card from Hallmark stores.
Celebrate your child with a free card from Hallmark stores.

One of the most important jobs of a parent is to be your child's best cheerleader. She looks to you to see if she is doing a good job, playing her hardest, being a good sport and being the best she can be even if that means having a C average.

Hallmark has been reminding parents to do just that with their latest commercial that shows Molly getting ready to take a test. After she opens a card from mom, suddenly the world turns into a celebration of Molly from the moving van outside to her classmate's shirt reading "Molly Rocks."

To help parents celebrate and encourage their children Hallmark has developed a new line of kids cards that say things like: "Don't worry," "Good luck," and "You're fierce." They've also launched a line of gifts to go along with the cards with mood necklaces, water bottles and books. To help make encouraging easier in this day and age, Hallmark is offering you your first "Kid Collection" card for free at your local Hallmark store.

So, if your child needs some extra encouragement to "Rock on" today, head out to a local Hallmark store (there's one at East Towne, West Towne, and Hilldale malls in Madison) and pick up your free "Kid Collection card. Or log onto to find a store near you.

But hurry because this offer is only good through March 14, 2010.