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Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl

It seems that Super Bowl Sunday is open to all kinds of endeavors these days. If your favorite team was not competitive enough to be in today’s big play, perhaps you may want to settle for watching the Kitten Bowl that began at Noon on the Hallmark Channel.

Kitties competed for their forever home.
Hallmark Channel/Huffington Post

The actual Bowl went from Noon to 3:00 EST today. If you missed the initial airing, don’t worry, tune in to one of their many repeat performances aired in three hour segments all day today. Hallmark is calling today “Su-Purr Bowl Sunday in honor of the first ever contenders appearing today. Besides this kitty performance, The Puppy Bowl is also taking place today on The Animal Planet Channel.

The animals are not only competing with a toy football, attempting to get it into the end zone, but they are also competing to see which of the kitties scored their forever home after the game.

The Kitten Bowl provided kitty questions to guests such as Rocco DiSpirito, famous American Chef, who just happened to be seeking a new kitten to call his very own. The show also entertained its viewers with trivia, shelter information, information about the kittens, and, of course, the big game.

Whether the kittens were mollies (female cats) or tomcats (male cats), they were all very competitive and won the hearts of many a viewer. Interested adopters could choose from tabbies, greys or black-and-white kittens. When the lights went out, the kittens did not stop their play since cats have six times better night vision than we do. The problem lighting did allow the kittens to ruffle each other’s fur, causing some ‘unnecessary cuteness’ calls.

There is so much negative publicity about felines. Cats have been accused of killing off bird populations as well as that of aquatic animals. In light of the media, this species has taken a direct hit. They do not deserve all the negativity that they have received, thus this game is an attempt to change the plight of these animals; raising positive awareness in its wake.

Bill Abbot, the President and CEO of Hallmark Channel’s parent company, Crown Media, believes in this method of decisive publicity and takes the matter very seriously. Abbot has been an advocate for the North Shore Animal League America (NSALA) for a long time. The NSALA combined forces with the Hallmark Channel in order to stage this great event.

The NSALA also teamed up with Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation in order to provide care for the 71 kittens featured on today’s program. Together, the three organizations wanted to display the upbeat nature of the animals placed in shelters; hopefully with a positive light shone in their direction, people seeking a new pet will look at shelters and rescues thus reducing the number of homeless animals still out there. Thankfully the kittens that appeared today were all adopted into good homes!

In light of the event, an online Feline Fantasy League was created. There are even digital trading cards for you to read, besides the kittens’ great adoption stories.

Hope you enjoyed the first ever Kitten Bowl today on the Hallmark Channel. Great job everyone for giving these kitties a positive outlook!

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