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Hallmark Cards Unveils Mother's Day Greetings for Gay Moms

Hallmark greeting card for gay mom's

Hallmark Cards have begun offering Mothers’ Day greeting cards for the children of lesbian parents. reports:

Hallmark Cards Inc. spokeswoman Kristi Ernsting said the company is offering two cards with same-sex sentiments this year: “One card ‘for two moms’ and one card ‘for my partner.’” They follow Hallmark’s new same-sex Valentine’s Day cards introduced this year, which Ernsting said “were well received.”

Industry trade group the Greeting Card Association said same-sex Mother’s Day cards are a sign of the times.

“With last year's Supreme Court ruling bolstering gay marriage, more companies are offering same-sex wedding cards, and we're likely to see an increase in same-sex cards for Mother's Day and Father's Day going forward,” director of communications Kathy Krassner said.

Greeting cards have become an interesting bellwether in the shifting public acceptance of same-sex couples and LGBT rights in general. In 2008, after California legalized same-sex marriage, Hallmark released several cards celebrating gay marriage (which the anti-gay American Family Association protested, of course).

In 2012, the Republican-owned chain Urban Outfitters came under fire after selling a card about ”a closet tranny.”

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