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Halle Berry credits 6-year-old-daughter's prayers for her 'miracle' pregnancy

According to The Christian Post Friday, Halle Berry gives credit to her daughter Nahla's prayers for her miracle pregnancy. Halle explains to Ellen Degeneres that her pregnancy at 47-years-old was called a "geriatric pregnancy." Halle was blindsided when she found out she was pregnant with a baby boy, Maceo Robert Martinez, who's father is Halle's husband, Olivier Martinez. Maceo is 7 months old now.

Halle Berry credits 6-year-old daughter's prayers for getting a baby brother.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Halle is known to be unique. She has always looked extremely youthful and vibrant - younger than her calendar age. Her first pregnancy at age 41, surprised fans, but brought much joy to Halle and partner Gabriel Aubry.

The fact that Halle conceived again at age 46 really blew her mind. Halle exclaims that she didn't think it was possible to get pregnant so late in the game, especially after experiencing premenopausal (perimenopausal) symptoms.

Even though Halle was thinking one way, Nahla was focused on having a baby and bunk bed. She would pray for a baby and a bunk bed; Halle injects, "she got both." Halle is not ignorant, and she knows that unprotected sexual intercourse can lead to pregnancy, yet she was extremely surprised.

Larry Jordan, senior pastor at Family Victory Fellowship church, Southfield explains that when God brings a couple together that he has the baby in mind." He concludes, that God joins a man and woman together for a purpose - and when the baby is conceived it is God's plan (not yours).

Jordan's explanation provides incite into Halle's thinking. She could not logically explain her geriatric pregnancy, but according to Jordan, she did not have to be able to explain her unusual pregnancy. Although forty-seven is not the oldest age a woman has had a baby, it fits the age of greater possibility of complications.

As a woman ages, her chances of having a healthy baby decline. In Halle's case, she was blessed with a healthy baby and she appears healthy as well.

Do you think Nahla's prayers helped Halle deliver a healthy baby brother?

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