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Halftime report: Cowboys offense continues to struggle

The Dallas Cowboys haven't scored in their first half of the season. One scoring drive was killed when new kicker David Buehler missed a 34-yard field goal. 

Folks, that was an ugly half.

Tashard Choice fumbled the ball with no time on the clock in the second quarter, and a Redskins picked it off the ground and ran for a touchdown. 

Redskins 10

Cowboys 0

That ZERO is scary. The struggles the Cowboys showed in preseason are carrying right over to the real season. 

Here are some things that I caught:

1. Dez Bryant must not know the routes for the receivers because all the Cowboys are giving him are these quick screens that are not working.

2. You run the ball with seconds before halftime? Why not kneel, coach? You cost us big on that one. Dumbest move of the game so far. 

3. They used Marion Barber on a trick play. He faked a run and went to pass. Thankfully he through it away because the receiver was well covered. 

All in all, the offense has been very slow, choppy, and non consistent. There's a lot of game to play but the Cowboys offense needs to pick it up or this could be quite a shocking and embarrassing loss to start the season.


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