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"Half in the Bag; Backpacks"

designer backpacks

Backpacks are not just for school kids carrying their math books. Thanks to innovative designers, both new and legendary, backpacks are becoming a staple item for guys and even girls everywhere. There are ways to pull off the backpack and be taken seriously without looking like a slacker who refuses to grow up. No matter the vocation, we all need something to carry our personal and business items in. Sometimes a suitcase is simply too formal, while a dufflebag may be too large and akward to carry while going about daily functions. Enter stage left, the backpack.

A guy going to the office can switch from the mundaness of a briefcase and upgrade his backpack by opting for a nice leather or canvas one in either black, brown, or another solid earth tone color. The straps are almost always adjustable so make sure the fit is close to the back when wearing a suit blazer. If you are a young artist of any sort, then there is more range of styles and colors such as the camoflouge look, or the bold prints, and mixed fabrics. The college student can easily pull off a nice canvas or cotton backpack with several pockets and compartments for all those music devices, laptops, and oh yeah, books. Don't be afraid to spend a little more money on a nicer bag made of Italian Leather or animal skins such as snake. These options may set you back a little, but it will last a lifetime and usually get better with wear and tear.

Some designers who offer great backpack options are Marc Jacobs, Shipley & Halmos, Stussy, Rag & Bone, and Gravis. Stand out from the crowd, pack light, and carry your backpack everywhere.


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