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Half price camping with Passport America

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These days the cost of a night of camping at an RV park can often be as high as the cost of an economy motel room. With Passport America membership you may save 50% off the cost of a night of camping at over 1900 campgrounds across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Yes, get half price camping with Passport America.

For the budget minded camper membership in Passport America is a no brainer. The one year membership is only $44.00. After three nights at half price at campgrounds with a normal daily rate of $34.00 you have already paid for your yearly membership. Plus the membership comes with more benefits than just the discounted rates. See the Passport America website for details.

Be aware that there are some restrictions. Each campground has its own rules. Most allow for the discount only from Sunday through Thursday nights. Some have a limited number of camping sites available for the discount. Rarely will you get the discount during holidays or local “special events”. I strongly recommend that you call ahead if possible to see if your discount will be honored for a certain date(s).

Caveats aside, Passport America 50% discount camping is a great deal that any budget minded camper should use.