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Half Price Books offers Book Lover's Weekend

Books lovers can enjoy 20% off at Half Price Books February 11th-15th
Books lovers can enjoy 20% off at Half Price Books February 11th-15th
Property of @sahxic < twitter's flickr.

Attention all book lovers! Half Price Books, the fabulous bookstore mentioned in an article a few weeks ago, is celebrating Valentine's Day with Book Lover's Weekend!

Click on this link here to print off a coupon that will allow you to receive 20% off your entire purchase!

Half Price Books is conveniently located at 1551 W. 86th at Ditch Rd. and  8316 Castleton Corner Dr. west of Castleton Square Mall for readers in the Indianapolis area.

A few novels concerning love:

  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen- nothing says love quite like detesting your future mate the first few times you are around him! Nevertheless, the classic tale of Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy is one everybody should read.
  • The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis- In Lewis' commentary on love he addresses not only romantic love but Christian love, love between parent and child, love between friends and the love of charity. He offers a unique take on how we look at love and how we can distinguish between the love we need and the love that is given to us.
  • Emma by Jane Austen- an original story of unexpected love, Emma is a comedy about a girl who is not necessarily looking for love by stumbles upon it anyway. Austen, a master of romantic literature, knows how to appeal to a variety of readers and Emma is no exception.
  • The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles- This unique period romance novel tells the story of the upright Charles who is engaged to Ernestina when he meets the mysterious Sarah, also known throughout the town as the French lieutenant's woman. Readers wonder if he will abandon Ernestina for the intriguing Sarah, and the author Fowles offers the reader three different endings to choose from.

What books on love are your favorites? Leave your favorite romantic books in the comments and check out the sale at Half Price Books this weekend!


  • Sarah Brown 5 years ago

    1 - Very cute picture ;)
    2 - As for my favorite romantic book, I know it's cliche, but I do love the second book of the Twilight series. So sad and yet powerful.

    Indianapolis Fashion Photograhy Examiner

  • Aubrey 5 years ago

    Sarah, Wow I don't meet many people who's favorite Twilight book is the second one! I prefer the third one myself. I like all the suspense with the newborns and the rivalry between Edward and Jacob! Thanks for commenting!

  • Amanda C. Strosahl 5 years ago

    I am very excited about this. Thank you for the link to the coupon.

    Indianapolis Healthy Living Examiner
    Sims Examiner

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