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Half Price Books has great deals


When driving through Fort Worth take a look at Half Price Books. If you're looking for a great book to extend your library collection, Half Price Books has a large selection of hardback and paperbacks covering all genres. The books are in great condition for being used, they also carry a few new books as well. With the employees being knowledgeable of all aspect of literature, this allows locating a book easy. Music lovers will enjoy the rows of records, compact disks, and  cassettes neatly in order and movie buffs can find a great deals on used movies with its large section of DVDs and VHS. If you do not want to extend your collection, half price books buys books, music, and movies of all types, depending on condition, supply and demand of the item. Information can be obtained by calling the Fort Worth, Hulen/Remington Park store at 817-294-1166 or the Fort Worth, Ridgmar store 817-732-4111. For further details view their  website.