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Half of the gallery audience will miss this: The lady's loo

Lady's loo at the Epicure Cafe, part of the show
Lady's loo at the Epicure Cafe, part of the show
Maureen George

Last night at the “Tell Me Something” exhibit by the Bunnyman Collective at Epicure Cafe in Fairfax, Virginia Jessica Kallista hung art in places that men do not go. In the lady’s loo, she redecorated the place with her unique motif.

Lady's loo at the Epicure Cafe
Maureen George

I was informed that I could take a peek if I wanted, but I dispatched my agent instead. she snapped away and now we have documentation.

That installation in there will probably become a part of the more permanent makeover at Epicure Cafe. It’s a funky place, the kind where artists and musicians just want to hang out.

For a brief moment, I thought that I was in Berkeley California for a moment or at the Purple Onion in San Francisco. The Bunnyman Collective has that West coast feel.

I missed some other action too that Maureen George was able to capture that is shared here in this slideshow too.

Bunnyman Bridge Collective
At the Epicure Café located at 11104 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA. Tell Me Something will be on view at Epicure Café from April 5 through May 13.
Epicure Café
11104 Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 703-352-9193
Fax: 703-352-9194

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