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Half of Americans believe advertising is deceptive

Actress and Style Icon Molly Sims hosted a private garden rooftop event at 620 Loft & Garden in the heart of Rockefeller Center to celebrate the first tastes of summer in Wendy's new Strawberry Fields Chicken Salad. Is this salad the actual size?
Photo by Larry Busacca

Exactly half of the dispensable recent survey on advertising believe that advertising is honest according to an April, 2014, survey They found that only 3% of respondents thought that advertising was very honest while 47% of those fairly honest. On the other side of the scale 11% feel advertising is very dishonest by 39% say it is fairly dishonest. put together a graphic to show some of the deceptive practices. The show things such as the pictures of food being offered by restaurants and the actual food is being served in the restaurant. Most consumers anticipate that their sandwich will not look as overflowing with ingredients as the advertisement made but some practices may be a little more confusing.

For example, many White Castle customers feel at the holes are in the hamburgers so that the restaurant chain can put less beef in the burger. In reality the holes exist to allow for faster cooking. In fact, with the holes, a White Castle hamburger does not need to be flipped over on the grill as both sides will cook due to the holes.

At Ohio-based Wendy’s, square patties are used for a very specific reason. It is not so that the grill will hold the patties more effectively. It is so that the burger extends to the edge of the bun as required by Ohio law governing the fast food industry in the 1970s.

Yet not every marketing decision to take advantage of customers was pulled off by the toothpaste industry. In the 1980s research showed consumers always filled the head of their toothbrush from one end to the other. If you look at a toothpaste tube from the 1980s you will see a much smaller opening to allow the paste out of the tube. The larger opening increases the amount of toothpaste a consumer will use with each brushing because the consumer still loads the toothbrush head from one end the other.

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