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'Half Life 3: Awaiting Assignment' to release today at 7 CDT

Following the previous launch rumor, "Half Life 3" is said to go on sell today at 7:00 CDT for 30 dollars. The new addition to the Half Life franchise, if the rumor holds, is said to be called "Half-Life 3: Awaiting Assignment," and will feature a new semi-cell shaded art style, a Russian story Arc. It will see our hero, Gordon, return to Xen for a chance encounter with the G-man.

Let's hope this rumor holds true as fans have started to become restless waiting for the series to return. There was even a recent kick starter campaign looking to raise 1,500 dollars to independently produce the game. There was also a Valve database breech last year which comprised details about the teams who were currently working on "Half Life 3". The team listed to be working on Half Life 3 consists of lead writer Marc Laidlaw, series composer Kelly Bailey and series designer Steve Bond.

It is even said that "Half Life 3: Awaiting Assignment," will be very short, perhaps only an hour long, plus the franchise will be lengthened by episodic content ala "Half Life 2". One can only hope that after ten years of waiting,
Half Life 3"is more than an hour long, and that Valve wouldn't upset its fans by releasing an unfinished product. But even if this is true, "Half Life 3" is sure to sell millions.

Currently the last confirmed rumor was by Minh Gooseman Leh who stated, "I don't think I can talk about that, to be honest, but I think it's kind of public knowledge, that people know that it is being worked on."

Above you may find a rather impressive fan-made video that is rumored to actually have in-game footage showcased throughout the trailer.

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