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Half-Life 2 mod OccupationCS: Source 3.1 released

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Realistic Ballistic Software has announced the latest release of their Half-Life 2 realism mod OccupationCS: Source, avaialble for download now.

Version 3.1 of the large mod brings several new items including optimizations, visual improvements, and fixes to weapon and game issues. The team also promises dedicated servers and new maps are on the way.

The full setup and .rar files can be found on the game's ModDB downloads page. From the description:

"OccupationCS 3.1 Replaces all previous versions of OccupationCS. This version resolves all Stability problems. The build has been optimized for Pentium 4+ Processors and runs free of defects. This version contains the first commercial quality build of the Occupation Source Ballistic Combat System for the Orange Box Source Engine. Additional Version Features: - Completely crash free and executes considerably more efficiently - Perfected hip weapon aim offset caused by turning - New Smoke ordnance now is discharged gradually over time and blocks AI line of sight - View Model lighting fixed on all maps - AI now more dynamic and responsive - Perfected Knockdown and Death views - allow rapid recovery and fire ready stance - Fixed many more weapon and game issues Dedicated Servers and New Maps to follow..."