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Half brothers die jogging 10 days apart: 'Shock for the family,' says sibling

A number of people jogging in the park
A number of people jogging in the park
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The shocking story of half brothers die jogging 10 days apart is one strange news headline turning heads this week. 10TV News reports this Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014, that a close family member of a man who suddenly collapsed and passed away in the middle of his New York City park run has also died while running in less than a two week time frame. The last remaining sibling, another half-brother, has called the sad incident nothing less than a total “shock for the family.”

A 60-year-old man by the name of Peter Berry was said to have abruptly suffered cardiac arrest during his routine run in a park in New York City this Sunday. His older half brother, 68-year-old Rynn Berry, also died from cardiac arrest this Jan. 9 during a Prospect Park run in Brooklyn. It is believed that a genetic heart issue may be a factor in this tragic yet unbelievable turn of events.

Charles Berry, the last surviving sibling in the family, said that to have his half brothers die jogging 10 days apart is a true “shock for the family.”

According to the press release, Rynn Berry did not have any identification on his person when he was found lying in the Brooklyn park. Unresponsive, he was rushed to a local hospital and remained unidentified in a coma for a number of days before his half-brother came to the medical center and was able to identify him.

Both men who passed away were runners in the New York Marathon.

In other strange news this week, a 21-year-old student protesting the rising cost of college at the University of Utah paid his tuition in no less than 2,000 $1 bills. Although a family member of his is a faculty member at the university, he claims that his decision to pay in singles should stand as a reminder of just how much colleges are charging their students each and every semester.

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