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Half-and-half: Georgia leads early, swamped late by LSU

LSU 42, Georgia 10. Wow -- not the score, but how it happened. No first downs at halftime, 42 points at the end -- against the fifth-ranked defense in the nation.

Let the BCS bashers whine from here to doomsday about the unfair system. But any other format -- i.e., a playoff -- might keep LSU out of a national title game. At least with the current set-up, there is no doubt that one of the two finalists belongs.

Bulldogs Nation will wonder if the game would have unfolded differently had UGA not dropped a boatload of passes in the first half, any of which could have produced a nice lead.

Maybe, but doubtful. LSU took longer than expected to get cranked up -- until halftime, to be specific. But , in hindsight, it seemed inevitable. The Tigers mauled UGA's proud defense, scoring four TDs, while its defense and special teams made that points total a group effort.

LSU's offense was so wretched that its punt return unit had to kill a couple of birds with one stone. Not only did it run one back for a touchdown, it made sure the O did not return to the field for awhile.

The Dawgs, not surprisingly, opened its bag early with trick plays -- notably, a letter-perfect onside kick -- and lots of passes. Once LSU adjusted, old Tailback U could not shift its attack to ground level. You have heard of catching a Tiger by the tail. This time, it was the Tigers catching the tailbacks, usually around the line of scrimmage.

Yo, Oklahoma State and Alabama, are you sure you want a piece of these guys? Be careful what you wish for.



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