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Half a million more players got on ‘Minecraft’ after the release of TU14 on Xbox

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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition saw a giant boost to the number of gamers who got on to play on Wednesday thanks to the release of Title Update 14. Roger Carpenter, lead producer of the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, announced on March 27 that 500,000 more people than what is seen on average were playing the game on the day that the patch released.

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This was due in part by the longer than usual amount of time it took developer 4J Studios to release the latest update as opposed to the turnaround times of previous updates. This caused many players to become increasingly impatient while waiting on the release of TU14.

Title Update 14 brought several new features to the console editions of Minecraft. Beside the introduction of Adventure Mode to the game, which focuses less on building and more on completing quests, the newest patch also added the ability to dye armors, enchant items, and trade with NPC merchants. Furthermore, players can now also find pre-existing temples in select biomes which are packed with deadly traps and large treasures.

In addition to the release of TU14 on Xbox 360, 4J Studios also launched Patch 1.04 on the PS3 this week which also brings all of the content from Title Update 14 to the Playstation 3 edition of the game. PS3 owners also received their first round of purchasable add-on content for Minecraft as four separate DLC packs were made available alongside the release of the update.

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