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Haley poised to win South Carolina Governor Race, DeMint solid win

Republicans Haley, DeMint poised to Win South Carolina Races
Republicans Haley, DeMint poised to Win South Carolina Races

In an environment where Republicans seem to be favored over Democrats nationally, the same appears to hold in South Carolina, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley has gained over Democrat Vincent Sheheen for 49 to 35 percent in the previous poll to 52 to 36 percent in the latest poll performed by Rasmussen Reports. The spread has increased as well from 14 to 16 percentage points.

With the election 7 weeks away Haley's margin has increased over Sheheen by 2 percentage points. While this appears to be good news for Haley, 10 percent of the electorate in South Carolina are undecided, while 3 percent will vote for neither candidate.

Rasmussen and others have South Carolina in the Solid GOP column for Governor.

Incumbent Senator Jim DeMint is easily beating controversial Democratic Candidate Alvin Greene. I the Latest poll available, DeMint was ahead of Greene by a stunning 63 to 19 percent Margin. Still 10 percent remain undecided and 8 percent will vote for another candidate.

Both polls were performed using telephone surveys of 500 Likely Voters and had a margin of error of +/- 4.5 percentage points with a 95 percent level of confidence.

In South Carolina's first District, Tea Party candidate Tim Scott won the Republican nomination defeating Paul Thurmond. Thurmond a well known name in the south lost as Scott received nearly 70 percent of the vote. Scott will probably go on to beat his Democratic rival and become the first African-American Republican to serve in Congress since Congressman J.C. Watts left in 2003.

There were a larger number of African-Americans running on the Republican ticket, this election season than in recent history. The mainstream media appears have deflected this and were fixated on reporting divisions in race relations rather than focusing on Tea Party types looking for viable candidates from various race and ethnic groups.


  • John Copeland 4 years ago

    Hailey "poised" ? The only reason anyone will vote for Hailey is because she is a Repuclicon in South Carolina where all the bible thumpers and tea party hangers on only care about abortion and gay issues not the real issues that need to be dealt with here in South Carolina. It amazes me that so many vote from ignorance for candidates who will do NOTHING for them but make their lives worse which includes Joe "You Lie" Wilson (R-SC) and Jim DeMinted(S-SC). I pray (lol) that all who believe the state is doomed with these people as leaders see fit to get to the voting booth early!

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