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Haldeman be or not to be

Haldeman Mansion located in Bainbridge, Pa. is the birthplace of scientist and author Samuel Steman Haldeman as well as being nearly 200 years old and currently the home to active spirits. Glorious hauntings in a beautiful location where Native Americans and French settlers would trade their wares close to the area of the mansion.

Samuel Steman Haldeman was a self taught acclaimed scientist who was also "honored by Charles Darwin for his contribution to Darwin's theory and famous book, The Origin of the Species". "Daniel Webster also honored Samuel Haldeman for his assistance with Mr. Webster's dictionary"

"Samuel Steman Haldeman, born at the mansion in Bainbridge on August 12, 1812, was the oldest of seven children of Henry Haldeman (1787-1849) and his wife Frances Steman (1794-1826). His father, who appreciated culture, endeavored to foster a love of learning in his children. His mother, an accomplished musician, died when Samuel was fourteen years of age."

He was quite the accomplished learner with many feats accomplished at an early age. "At the age of twenty-three, Samuel contributed to the Lancaster Journal an article refuting Locke's "Moon Hoax". From then on, his life was devoted to science. For forty-five years he spent most of the time in his library, many times working sixteen hours a day. In 1836, Professor Haldeman became an assistant on the State geological survey of New Jersey, and was later transferred to a similar position in Pennsylvania. During extensive geological work, he discovered a new genus and species of fossil plant. Geology did not engross his whole attention, as he was now busy collecting and studying shells, and made substantial contributions in this field through an expertly illustrated massive work of copperplate engravings, drawn and colored from the original shells and living animals. This was finished in 1845." This is just a dent in the long list of accomplishments he has noted.

There have been numerous paranormal investigative groups that have visited the Mansion and captured evp's that appear to be about Samuel's mother, footsteps and more.

Samuel Steman Haldeman died on September 10, 1880 at the age of sixty-eight, at his study table, of heart paralysis. He is buried at the Marietta Cemetery but it just might be that he is, still at home, in the Haldeman Mansion.

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