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Halal entertainment industry: Interview with Abdul Malik of Native Deen, DeenTV

Stills of Native Deen, the great American Muslim music band!
Stills of Native Deen, the great American Muslim music band!

It is Examiner's pleasure to introduce DEEN.TV, the first online channel streaming the best halal entertainment 24/7 to your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Abdul-Malik (far left) with his bandmates, Joshua and Naeem

DEEN.TV airs the most popular halal videos from around the world. DEEN.TV is currently producing reality shows, documentaries, comedy and music videos that are focused on stories of Muslims living in modern society.

Read on for the interview with co-founder, Abdul-Malik, who is also 1/3 of one of the most popular Islamic nasheed bands in the world.

How did DeenTV come about and who is behind it?
DeenTV is the first 24/7 online halal entertainment channel that airs popular halal videos from around the world. Native Deen (an Islamic nasheed music group) came up with the idea because, in addition to being artists, we are also fathers and are active in the community. Many Muslim youth had no way of accessing some of the great artists and entertainers, and the artists and entertainers had no real way of showcasing their talents to the community. So DeenTV was created to cater to both the artists and the Muslim community in need of quality programming.

What type of programs is DeenTV interested in broadcasting?
Similar to MTV, DeenTV started out with music videos, but is currently working on reality shows, documentaries, comedy and more. We are working directly with top Muslim artists and comedians from around the world to provide the best content.

What has been the greatest challenge in getting Islamic programming front and center in the US?
There has been several "channels" that have started in the US over the years. The biggest problem is that USA is very spread out and Muslims are not congregated in a small area (like in UK for example). So being able to reach and market to American muslims has been a challenge. For example, many times amazing activities are happening in New York that Muslims in the DC area have absolutely no clue about. Our hopes for DeenTV as a internet channel will connect more Muslims across the USA.

Where do you see DeenTV going in the next 5 years?
Our goal is to become the top conscious entertainment channel online for Muslims as well as people from other faiths. There is so much work that needs to be done in the media dealing with faith, social consciousness and belief. Our hope is that we can add a unique angle to global conversation of spirituality through entertainment.

Your band Native Deen has been on the scene for a long time, are all of you brothers now married with children, mashaAllah?
Our band started with just 3 of us, and now we increased to 6 (including our backing musicians), MashaAllah. We are all fathers and part of our inspiration for DeenTV is to provide inspirations for our children.

When is Native Deen coming out with new music?!
So we have released three albums to date which have been very well received, (all praise to God). We are now working on a series of solo albums by each of the members of Native Deen, that will signify that members unique style and influences. Naeem's album will be the first on the list and will be released (God willing) in several months.

Do you have any advice for American Muslims who are looking to break into the nasheed music business or the acting industry?
Becoming "successful" in the Muslim entertainment industry (especially in the US) should be first understood by the artist/entertainer. If success is judged by the amount of money you make, it might be disappointing because our community is only now beginning to understand the need for Islamic entertainment. However if one judges the success based on how many people they are effecting and changing their lives, then there is much more chance to be "successful" as a conscious artist/entertainer.

How should prospective supporters and individuals contact DeenTV in order to get more involved?
If you are interested in helping out DeenTV, we have internships available. Just sign up at If you want to contact DeenTV for information or with program ideas, etc., please contact us at

Thanks so much for talking with us, Brother Abdul-Malik!

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