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Haitian Zombie (Culture)

Many people, or groups believe that Zombies are in fact caused by a virus and are "fictional" for the most part; only sharing the spotlight in those crazy b class horror movies and a few of the more major franchises. While they are in fact real, and are actually known to be a part of the Haitian culture and more important or more precisely Voodoo. This is in truth still widely believed across the world, and is a major part behind the figurehead known as Baron Samedi or head of the Guédé family of Loa; or Loa with magical links. Often featured in both Haitian Vodou, and Folk Catholicism. In the eyes of most; he is considered charming, debauched and obscene in most senses and dresses in the traditional Haitian funeral attire.

A top hat, black tuxedo (dinner vest/jacket), dark glasses and cotton plugs in his nose. He shares a fondness for rum, and tobacco and is often called upon to heal those nearing death or that have died as he is the only one capable of taking them upon the embrace of death. It widely known or believed that only the Baron is capable of taking you into heaven, and to defy him or insult him in some manner (such as suicide) you are forced to walk the earth as an undead corpse with no freewill. These are of course controlled by bokor or (necromancers) and used as mindless puppets.

Despite being married to Maman Brigitte another extremely powerful Loa; he is known for chasing after mortal women and this more clearly buy symbolism on what he stands for in the religion itself and why people view him as they do. While the Baron delivers the dead, his wife or Maman Brigitte protects their graves if properly with cross.

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