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Haitian orphans placed by local adoption agency

Haitian orphan prays in an orphanage before joining in a simple meal.
Haitian orphan prays in an orphanage before joining in a simple meal.
.(AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

The recent earthquake in Haiti and the subsequent jailing (and recent release) of Christians who were bringing children to the Dominican Republic for adoption have called attention to the necessity of caring carefully for the children who are orphans in our world today. All across the face of the earth, there are an estimated 15 million children who can be classified as double orphans – that is, children whose father and mother have both died.. See the statistics at Abbafund.

Here in Grand Rapids, Bethany Christian Services was involved in the January 21 flight of orphans which brought 58 orphans to the US. Bethany worked through its partner orphanage in Haiti called God’s Littlest Angels  as well as the Department of Homeland Security to help to relocate these children to their adoptive homes.

Bethany Christian Services is the largest adoption agency in the United States and is headquartered here in Grand Rapids. The challenge for all of us who live here is to discover how we can help those whose lives have crumbled with the destruction of their homes by the earthquake. Bethany invites anyone interested in learning more about the need for adoptive families or to give support to those who desire to be adoptive families to contact them at 1-800-BETHANY.