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Haiti survivor stuck under rubble for 5 days has faith to thank

Destroyed building in Port-au-Prince
Destroyed building in Port-au-Prince
AP Photo/Gregory Bull

When Mireille Dittmer decided to visit Haiti, she never would have predicted she would end up stuck under rubble.  The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that left thousands dead, many unaccounted for, children orphaned had trapped Dittmer in complete darkness.  Dittmer remained in a kneeling position without sleep, food or water praying to be saved.

According to Dittmer her faith gave her strength.  "My faith in Jesus Christ.  My faith in the Lord...And I started reciting, whenever I felt you know, I was feeling weak, I started reciting Psalms."

Dittmer  states that she was in complete darkness and silence until she heard the voices of a man and a little girl, whom she bonded with as they waited to be rescued.  

"We were praying.  We were talking, giving each other, you know, strength," she said.

They were eventually rescued and Dittmer, who has bruising in her legs, is expected to fully recover as she stays with friends and family in South Florida.  Amazingly after experiencing such trauma Dittmer smiles as she says, "Nothing is impossible."