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Haiti: Kate McGarrigle dies, Edmonton baby stays on ventilator, Sgt. Faught's body home (Jan. 19)

Sgt. John Faught, 44, PPCLI, died Saturday, killed by an IED in Afghanistan.
Sgt. John Faught, 44, PPCLI, died Saturday, killed by an IED in Afghanistan.
AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Canadian Dept. of National Defence

Dominating the news again today, of course, is the ongoing effort to help the people of Haiti.  It has been seven days since the earthquake there and the stories depict a desperate need for aid of all sorts. Today, Canadian troops reached Jacmel. Jacmel is the one-time childhood home of the Canadian Governor-General, Michaelle Jean. The Globe and Mail reports that 1,000 Canadians have arrived and more are on the way.

The Globe and Mail: "Canada's big task in Haiti starts on small airstrip," by Gloria Galloway.

Kate McGarrigle, musician, dies at 63

Singer Kate McGarrigle has died of cancer.  She and her sister Anna are widely-respected Canadian folk musicians who began  their careers in 1960s Montreal. The most poignant tribute to Kate is on the McGarrigles blog, where today there is a picture of her as a young woman, and a sad goodbye from her sister.  The blog itself is a joyful, living account of lives enjoyed, and family ties.

A fight over keeping a baby on a ventilator

A three-month-old baby named Isaiah May is in hospital in Edmonton, on a ventilator, as he has been since birth.  The Stollery Children's Hospital proposed to take Isaiah off life support.  Isaiah's parents, Isaac and Rebecka May obtained a 90-day court injunction, during which time there is to be an independent assessment of the baby's condition and a court hearing.

A soldier returns, Sgt. John Wayne Faught, PPCLI, killed in Afghanistan

From Afghanistan, another soldier's body has been returned. Canwest reports on the repatriation of the body of Sgt. John Wayne Faught of Sault Ste. Marie.  Sgt. Faught was a member of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. He was killed by a land mine.  Faught is the 139th Canadian to die in the Afghan conflict.

Canwest: "Fallen 'career soldier' returns to Canada"


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