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Haiti, Chile, Trinity Temple C.O.G.I.C. DM, IA , and Valley High School, WDM, IA

Tupperware Party
Tupperware Party

These organizations receive Major Benefits of the 1 Million Strong Contest, all sales in the contest count 10% each for these organizations until December 31, 2010 through the parent Company. So when you enter the contest and tell others to enter you are sharing in the donation to these causes.Just as local Consultant Deborah Morris wishes to announce the 1 Million Dollar winner for Christmas 2010, Sherell Ra Sha Inc would like to make a substantial donation for Christmas.

Total will be updated daily on local Consultant site of Deborah Morris.(see news page).

Sherell Ra Sha Inc.Totals as of November 30, 2010 listed below. Help us make a difference in the the lives of those we can this Christmas season.Fund Raising for: Trinity Temple C.O.G.I.C.

Pastor : Elder Roland H Warren, Sr.

3925 40th St., Des Moines, IA 50310. Regular Sales: $868.25Profit: $215.06

Regular Donations: 0.00

Amount to be Donated: $21.51 ( $10.00 min)


Valley High School "Colorguard Team" Marchmasters/Music Department and the Arts, of West Des Moines, IA. (10% donation will be divided each 1/3)Regular Sales: $868.25Profit: $215.06

Regular Donations: 0.00

Amount Donated: $21.51 ( $10.00 min) Each $7.17From Fundraiser Line for Colorguard Only at 40%Sales:$43.75 Amount to be Donated $17.50, making the Total:$24.67


For-People of Haiti:
Regular Sales: $858.25Profit: $215.06

Regular Donations: 0.00

Amount to be Donated: $21.51 ($10.00 min)


For-People of Chile:
Sales: $858.25Profit: $215.06

Regular Donations: 0.00

Amount to be Donated: $21.51 ($10.00 min)You may always enter the ongoing Fundraiser with Sherell Ra Sha Inc. Just go to, and go to the support page, to make your donation. Thank You! Rules: profit / donation is 10% of the profit amount. Company requires a $10.00 min donation if no sales are received. Thank God we have made it pass the $10.00 min. If you wish to remain anonymous please let me know that also. .Sherell Ra Sha, last update 11/30/2010We the people of America have big hearts, lets show how big!additionally 80% of any straight donations made without a purchase, will be divided between all organizations listed equally. These can be made on the support page of

(One Million Strong Contest Sales also apply)

Thank You!