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Haiti aid begins to flow as airport congestion begins slow

One week after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the U.N. chief, Ban Ki-moon has requested that the Security Council boost peace keeper numbers in Haiti, according to CNN.  The supplies are beginning to make it to pockets of the country of Haiti by helicopter, but the lack of security forces creates food, water, and first aid distribution problems because of fighting between earthquake victims over such supplies. Victims are beginning to gather around the airport looking for water, food, and a job according to of MSNBC.

Haiti has significant infrastructure problems such as a partially damaged airport with over loaded capacity, not enough fuel for aircraft departures, the extensive time to offload supplies from the aircrafts, the available equipment on hand to clear a path through the debris so as to be used as roads to reach places, the lack of security required to keep the earthquake victims calm and orderly during the distribution of food and water, the physical and mental impact of the deceased that are being piled up creating road blocks, the damaged sea port, and the demand for continued aid for the foreseeable future. The Red Cross is accepting donations for the earthquake victims in Haiti.

The U.S. has operational control of the airport at Port au Prince, Haiti. The congestion at the partially damaged airport in Port au Prince is significant. The incoming air traffic is being controlled by the FAA and then coordinated to the DOD as a single point of coordination to ensure the airport traffic is controlled not overloaded.