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Haiti 101: What can I do to help?

The 7.0 earthquake in Haiti has left over 140,00 dead and thousands still missing.
The 7.0 earthquake in Haiti has left over 140,00 dead and thousands still missing.
Photo taken by the Associated Press.

The Department of Public Health has made a list of valuable resources available to Massachusetts residents if you are looking to help with the disaster in Haiti.

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck near the Caribbean city of Port-au-Prince in Haiti on Tuesday afternoon was the worst earthquake in the past 200 years. The collapse of buildings and homes has left over 140,000 people dead and thousands more still missing or without a place to live.

Countries all over the world are sending rescue teams to Haiti to help where they are able, but it’s going to be a long haul before order is restored. According to information posted by the American Red Cross here’s a list of resources so MA residents can help bring relief to the thousands of families that fell victim to such a tragedy:

- The Red Cross is accepting financial donations. Visit or call 800-564-1234 to learn more.
- Cell phone users may text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $ 10 to the Red Cross relief effort. Users will see the charge on their next phone bill.
- Families can register the names of people unaccounted for in Haiti on the ICRC Family Links website, Postings are viewable by the public.
- Hands On Disaster Response is accepting financial donations. Visit to learn more.
- Volunteers interested in responding directly to Haiti can visit
- The Salvation Army is accepting financial donations. Call 617-542-5420 to learn more.
- The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America is accepting financial donations. Visit for more information.
- HOPE worldwide is accepting financial donations and working with its partners in Haiti to deliver funds. Visit for more information.

Keep in mind that the immediate need is for money donated to any established relief organization to best support the victims of the earthquake. Visit to get a list of credible organizations for international emergencies.


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