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Hair Woes Fixed in a Flash

Hair Woes
Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Yes we love summer because it means beach, pool and the sun, but exposure to those three can lead to hair issues. Mario Russo, owner & lead stylist of Mario Russo in Boston has shared his tips on how to fix flat, flaky, greasy, dried out hair.

Problem: Itchy and Flaky
Fix: Allow the oils in your hair to build up by not shampooing for 3 to 4 days. During that time brush daily with a boar bristle brush, as well as massage your scalp; this will distribute the oil all around instead of keeping it in a concentrated area. When you next shampoo reach for products that contain ingredients such as these: cocoa butter, shea butter, rosemary and chamomile, try Dove Dry Oil Shampoo. If you feel compelled to wash daily use a product that combats dryness such as Bumble and Bumble’s Tonic Lotion with its mix of vitamins, tea tree oil, and herbs.

Problem: Faded hair color
Fix: Try an over the counter or in-salon gloss treatment, which will boost your color and add shine. Products such as John Freida’s Colour Refreshing Gloss are more affordable than getting your color redone and can help to extend the time between your salon visits.

Problem: Frizz
Fix: Vitamin E or Argon oil is extremely beneficial when it comes to taming frizz and flyways, plus can add shine. If you’re on the go when frizz starts to rear its ugly head, try applying a little bit of moisturizer or face cream to your ends that contain these ingredients.

Problem: Greasy
Fix: Dry shampoo or a product like Bumble and Bumble’s Hair Powder—which comes in different shades will soak up excess oils. Spray the problem areas (10-12 inches away), let dry and then comb through.

Problem: Blemishes
Fix: Bangs may look great but the irritation from the products used to keep them in place can lead to unwanted breakouts. Let your face breathe by pinning back your fringe at bedtime. When using product, simply apply a small amount to a fine tooth comb and brush it through.

Problem: Flathead
Fix: Humidity can cause your hair to go limp. When flat hair happens, in addition to using a volumizing shampoo, take a boar bristle brush and some hairspray and begin to lightly tease hair (first, moving the brush down in the same direction and then up in the same direction several times) at the crown of the head. This will add an instant dose of volume and allow you to keep your style in place.

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