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Hair Talk: Exclusive Interview with Rowenta Beauty

Rowenta Beauty's Straight Express Flat Iron.
Rowenta Beauty's Straight Express Flat Iron.
Sarah Afshar

Rowenta Beauty is an internationally known hair care brand that emphasizes on using only expertly crafted and professionally engineered tools that create incredible results. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Michele Lupton, the Marketing Communications Director of Groupe SEB. Here is what she had to say...

(Q) Rowenta is known for their garment care products, as they are known for their floor, home, and comfort care products. Now they are known for their hair care products which includes an array of unique hair devices which are part of Rowenta Beauty. Can you tell me a little more about this brand?

Founded in Germany in 1909, Rowenta has a long history of innovation. In 1912, Rowenta manufactured their first clothing iron, paving the way for their position today as the world’s largest producer of irons. In 1974, Rowenta expanded into home care and launched their first vacuum cleaner. Consumers are less familiar with the fact that in Europe, Rowenta also has over 90 years of experience creating and perfecting hair styling tools. In 1921, Rowenta launched one of the first electric curling irons, and in 1966, one of the first domestic blow dryers.

(Q) What inspired you to create Rowenta Beauty? Tell me a little more about the inspiration behind the brand...

Our mission at Rowenta Beauty is to reveal the full potential of women’s hair. We are excited to share our expertly crafted tools by making them accessible to all women – not just elite hair stylists. We have focused our product development on both professional engineering and hair science resulting in intuitive tools that can be used by any woman.

(Q) You currently offer four unique devices, which are all impressive and have the ability to do various things. The Curl Active Curling Iron, the Straight Express Flat Iron, the Versa Style Styling Iron, and the Inspiration Pro Auto Sensor Dryer. Out of these products, which one is the most popular?

Our most popular items are the Straight Express Flat Iron and the Inspiration Pro Hair Dryer. Consumers are amazed at how easy and fast they can straighten their hair with the Straight Express, regardless of hair types, and rave about how shiny and smooth their hair gets. As for the Inspiration Pro, they say that it dries their hair fast with zero frizz and unmatched shine, and love that the Auto Sensor feature enables to have the dryer blow air only when it is held in hand and automatically turn off when it is put down, as one online reviewer said “it makes styling hair like juggling two plates instead of six.”

(Q) Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone. I love it because it's my birthstone. I have to ask, how is it in used in hair care and how will my hair benefit from using it?

Tourmaline has a natural ability to generate negative ions and infrared heat. In salon tools, the infrared heat penetrates the hair without overheating, while negative ions reduce frizz and add shine by sealing in the hair cuticle to lock in moisture. Within our range, tourmaline is used to boost the ceramic coating found on the Versa Style, Straight Express and Curl Active Curling Iron, while the Inspiration Pro features tourmaline-boosted ceramic heating components to produce infrared ionic air that also helps in breaking down water droplets faster.

(Q) Let's talk technology. I have to ask, what is ProCurling Technology? Tell me a little more about this Rowenta essential...

The exclusive ProCurling™ Technology is found within our Versa Style Iron. It is made of two elements: curved-in lateral edges along the plates that have gentle friction on hair and the rounded silicone exterior that gently grips the hair – they work together to create curls, waves or volume in one easy pass.

(Q) It is impressive how different technologies can help our hair. What is 3D-Straight Technology? How does this technology benefit hair?

The 3D-Straight™ Technology found within our Straight Express Flat Iron works to straighten any type of hair in one pass. It is consists in 16 integrated heated teeth which comb, stretch and pre-straightens the hair before it goes through the plates.

(Q) What is Auto Sensor Technology? How does this benefit hair?

The Auto Sensor™ Technology in the Inspiration Pro serves as a time and energy saver. When your hand reaches the sensor, the dryer turns on, and when you set the dryer down – taking your hand off the handle – the dryer turns off. It is particularly convenient when a woman is drying her hair in sections, no need to go through the hassle of switching the dryer on and off and resetting the heat and speed between each section!

(Q) For all of those beauty enthusiasts, including hair lovers that are reading this interview, what would you like them to know? What is next for Rowenta Beauty?

We are always striving to be innovative and incorporate the latest technologies into our products to protect hair, making it safe and convenient to look and feel glamorous. We want the readers to know that as long as you are using the appropriate tools, it is okay to straighten, curl or blow dry your hair daily.

Then, I had the chance to speak with Josue Perez, celebrity hairstylist and Rowenta Beauty brand ambassador. Here is what he had to tell me...

(Q) When it comes to your amazing curling iron, I have to ask, can you achieve tighter curls? How is this possible?

To achieve big and tight curls (without looking too overdone) using the Curl Active, take advantage of the tool’s motorized barrel. Once the hair is in place at the tip, press the button one direction to rotate the hair up and for the next section, press the other direction. This will give your hair a more varied look.

(Q) Say that I’m done washing my hair, but I don't really want to blow dry it. Can I use the flat iron on my hair while it is wet or damp?

If you really don’t want to blow dry your hair – towel dry it until it’s just damp and not wet. Then, use a leave in conditioner and heat protectant spray all over to saturate the strands before using the straightener.

(Q) How can I add amazing curls to my hair using the style iron?

The Versa Style Iron’s rounded edges and soft grip silicon strips help curl the hair with minimal effort. Take a small section of hair and pull tight. Slowly glide the Versa Style iron down about one inch. Then rotate the iron counter clockwise (up) 180 degrees. Very slowly, glide the tool down the rest of your hair and remove when you hit the tips – the curl is taking shape.

(Q) How do I create volume using the hair dryer?

Towel try your hair about 50% and then apply a volumizing mousse or root lifting spray. Going section at a time, fluff hair using your finger tips while hitting it with the dryer. You can also flip your hair upside down and dry that way. Once you have the desired volume, hold down the Inspiration Pro’s cool shot button. This will help keep the look in place.

(Q) The question on everyone's mind is, can anyone use Rowenta Beauty products?

Anyone and everyone from experienced stylists to somebody interested in just changing up their look can you the Rowenta tools. They’re super simple and really deliver salon quality results.

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