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“Hair Styles, Colors and Makeup Changes”

Whether you are walking the red carpet or stepping out for the evening, Cristophe Salon of Beverly Hills, in Las Vegas, knows the answer to your questions.

Jennifer Pollock, Hair Colorist-
(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Add a touch of color to your hair and see how everyone notices the new you. Jennifer Pollock, Hair Colorist, feels, “Today people are focusing on the Ombre color, their roots are more natural and the hair is lighter on the ends."

There are some new intense colors while others are vibrant, glossy, shimmering or mufti-tonal. Many of the 2014 fade-defying colors last longer on the hair.

Why should you highlight your hair? Jennifer explains, “Highlighting adds dimension so it is not just one color. Mufti-dimensions bring out different tones in your skin as well as in your hair. Finding the right hair color is important. Not all shades are right depending on their eye color and skin tones. There are many factors that make a difference. It is obvious. When you look at a person, you can tell.

I want to enhance their looks and bring out the beauty in my clients. No-one wants a washed-out look.”

New clients have a consultation with the colorist and hair stylist to discuss which of the hair colors and styles would look best on them.

The experts at the Cristophe Salon of Beverly Hills, in Las Vegas, have extensive experience in the United States, Europe, Mexico and other countries.

Brice Bensimon, Hair Stylist, brought his knowledge when he moved from France, and still keeps up with the latest European styles. He returns to France each year to watch their trends.

With all of his experience, Brice can also bring the latest American looks to his clients.

What are the latest hair styles? The wavy and layered hair styles could be attractive for any hair length.

You can request a celebrities’ hairstyle. Ask about hair trends if you want to keep up with the latest styles.

Brice provides tips on perfect hair styles for on-the-go lifestyles. Hair styles which need very little care.

Learn their special suggestions for your hair style and color during the summer. The summer is the season for swimming, sun bathing and traveling which is hard on your skin and hair.

To complete your beauty experience, Brenda Ovegel, Makeup Artist, suggests, “I use an airbrush to apply the foundation because it provides more coverage and is long lasting. This is preferable for any skin-type and the result is flawless looking skin. The latest popular Smokey Eyes “look” ranges from natural to dramatic and bold.”

The Cristophe Salon of Beverly Hills is located at the MGM Grand Hotel, in Las Vegas.

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