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Hair extensions will beautifully transform your short hair!

Professional salon hair extension makeovers are instantaneous
Photo By: Di Biase Hair Extensions USA

Hair extensions create exciting new length, volume and safe haircolor options

Short hair may be a challenge for you. Short hair may also make you feel rebellious, spontaneous and edgy. When the novelty of trying something new with shorter hair wears off, the wish to make your hair grow faster often becomes an obsession. The quickest solution to the agonizing slow growth period is to visit your hairstylist and to have them apply professional bonded or temporary hair extensions. For those with medical and physical hair loss challenges; hair extensions are a great alternative to hats, wigs or scarfs. In some cases, these are the only options women feel are available to get through the awkward hair regrowth process. Today, many women and men require assistance in the form of hair extensions, because hair does not grow that quickly due to damage or thinning hair challenges. No matter what the short hair challenge may be for you, Di Biase Hair Extensions USA provides the highest quality professional salon hair extensions to help you go from short to long hair in minutes!

Beautiful Hair Extension Advantages: The benefits of professional salon hair extensions are endless! You can blend in various haircolor shades with your existing short hair. You can instantly add exciting new length and fullness to a cropped style, which will add depth and dimension to your hair. You can go from straight hair to curls or textured waves without having to spend hours with your hair in rollers or excessive use of a curling iron. Your hair can be enhanced from a short one-length hair design into multi-length and layered hair by having the extensions cut to various lengths, before styling your hair. Hair extensions can also be quickly installed just for special occasions. This temporary makeover can be created without the limitations from short hair to achieve a more sophisticated look. Di Biase Hair Extensions USA uses a variety of bond techniques with Fusion, Easy Clip, Weft and Sticker Hair. Your hair designers will use clip-ins, adhesives, wefts and fusion hair extensions to quickly boost your hair volume as well as to add exciting new glamour for special occasions while transforming your short hair into an upstyle hair design.

Safely Add A Little Haircolor: Hair extensions allow you to safely try out new accent haircolor and highlight shades without any chemical services. You can go from a conservative or professional image to a funky or sleek look with the diverse options created with hair extensions. The temporary hair extension haircolor shades can be easily layered together to create beautifully blended highlights and lowlights. We must remember that with over-the-counter haircolor products, there is the possibility of having streaks and unbalanced haircolor. With hair extensions, you and your hair designer will select the desired haircolor shades and the natural placement of highlights on your head. Semi-permanent and temporary hair extensions will become your top choices for haircolor and highlights. Creative haircolor extensions will make a big difference to accent any great haircut while enhancing your hair and total image. The haircolor options are limitless with hair extensions. Work with your hair designer, by suggesting a desire for natural shades to match up with your hair, if you are seeking a seamless blend. Try temporary fun, bold and fantasy fashion haircolor accents to match any dress for proms, weddings and special occasions.

Vikki Parman, CEO for Di Biase Hair Extensions USA shares, “Hair extensions really are the perfect way to help introduce highlights or fantasy haircolor shades to your hair, without any bleach or haircolor chemistry. These natural haircolor options are a great addition to create a darker or lighter shade for women who desire the layered areas throughout the hair to stand out. For a fun look during any party or special event, fantasy haircolor pieces can be added with one streak or multiple streaks. Many teens, athletes and fans of all ages like to have a few streaks of fantasy haircolor to go with their team colors for sporting events, as well as just for fun.”

Instant Versatility In Style: When you go for a full head of luxurious bonded hair extensions you have options. You can wear the longer hair up or down to allow for options in hair accessories and to give hair a dazzling touch. Long, healthy looking hair can be shaped into any modern design. From wispy bangs, braids or upstyles, the possibilities are boundless with hair extensions. The new volume from hair extensions is soft, sexy and touchable without the unwanted harsh feeling of too much hairspray or product.

Join The Extended Revolution! Di Biase Hair Extensions USA offers a wide variety of 100% human Remy hair extensions with bonded, adhesive and clip-in application techniques. To find a salon near you and for more information on Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, call 248-885-4748 or email: Visit:

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