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Hair extensions for fun

If you are tired of your hair color but are unwilling to commit to actual hair color, talk to you stylist about getting a few extensions put in. Extensions have come such a long way since their debut, and there are so many ways of executing them to make sure that the integrity of your natural hair is preserved.

Not everyone can pull off purple but this is especially beautiful.  If you don't want your entire head purple have your stylist put in a few on the side in a peek-a-boo effect  so that you can hide it when you need too.
Photo by Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images for IMG

Make sure your stylist is familiar with tape-in, beaded, or clip in extensions. The extensions that require glue can sometimes damage the hair, especially if the glue is not keratin based. Not to mention removal of glue extensions can sometimes leave the hair in shambles. Tape-in extensions work well, and are a great investment because when your stylist removes them, they can be re-taped and re-used. Beaded extensions feel a little more comfortable on the scalp area and take a little more time, however the removal process leaves the hair in its best condition. These too can sometimes be kept and re-used again. Now if you want the convenience of putting in or taking out the extensions any time you like, then clip-ins are the way to go.

Ask your stylist and make sure the extensions are made of 100% human hair or you will not be able to use heat on them. This is extremely important if you plan to flat iron or curl. Your stylist should be able to give you tips to care for your extensions so that you get the most out of them, as they are quite an investment. If the hair seems pretty inexpensive, then it's probably not human hair and thus you should beware!

Extensions are an awesome way to show off your wild personality without as much commitment, but the best part is that the bright colors will not fade. This is a great way to also test drive a color you haven't been sure about getting. When receiving a color service with bright vibrant colors the hair must be pre-lightened and then direct dye gets applied over top and because the hair has to be pre-lightened it also means it fades quicker then just regular color. So sometimes extensions are easier because they cut down on maintenance factor.

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