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Four Ways to Cover Roots Between Salon Visits

Hair color ideas to cover roots between salon visits
Hair color ideas to cover roots between salon visits

Sometimes you have to book your salon hair color visits in advance; and while you are waiting for you next appointment your roots pop out right before you need to attend an important event.

Rather than deciding to wear a hat or stay in your house, here are some products that can help you cover your roots or grey hair in the case of any emergency.

Thin Hair - Oscar Blandi Root Touchup and Highlight Colore Pen is free of Ammonia and Peroxide, comes in five colors (light golden brown, beige blonde, warm reddish blonde, dark brown and jet black) and is made with a professional formula that is easy to apply. Just like a marker you use at work, it's easy to apply directly at roots, to cover Grey or streak a section of hair for highlights.

Thick Hair - Rita Hazan Root Concealer Spray covers large areas to quickly cover Grey. The formula dries quickly and stays put until you wash your hair and is made without Parabens.

Oily Hair - Color Wow is similar to an eyeshadow, instead you brush the color directly to the hair and the roots without any stickiness. Shades range from Platinum to Black with everything in between and no Peroxide.

Dry Hair - Roux Touchup Stick is good for dry or course hair. It is applied like a lipstick and is quickly absorbed and comes in many colors.

Once your lovely locks are back in shape, don't forget to keep them looking shiny and healthy. Something like John Frieda Liquid Shine Clear Glaze is made for any hair color and is easily applied giving hair back radiance, and shine.

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