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Hair color for men

Men have always been able to get away with greying early in life. Very few women have ever been able to say that they look distinguished in grey hair, instead it's more like where's the nearest hair salon! Some men have even used grey hair to there advantage to get ahead at their job, because they look more mature and settled.

Not only is hair important but also fashionable clothing and such.
Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images

Sure men have colored there hair just like some of us women, however it really becomes a chore when there hair is short. Plus men are not going to sit like women do because the longer they sit there the more chances they have of running into someone they know while there's color on their heads.

For those of you who are scared of coloring your hair but are definitely ready to look into services provided by a professional, look for a salon that carries a mens color line like American Crew, or Redken Camo. These colors take in ten minutes or less so you won't have to wait. Now all you have to decide is how far you are wanting to go. If you are still unsure about it, the stylist can start by applying a lighter color with a wide tooth comb not covering every hair on your head so that it is blended, reducing but not eliminating the grey.

Don't forget the beard and mustache! They are equally important unless you plan to shave them off. Have your stylist blend the grey in, in these areas as well. This service is guaranteed to take five to ten years off the way you look, and if you get brave and color your entire head maybe even fifteen then.

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