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Hair care tips to avoid Hayden Panettiere's hair disasters

Hayden Panettiere discusses hair disasters: How to avoid making the same mistakes.
Photo by Eugene Gologursky

Hayden Panettiere discussed wedding plans and hair disasters in Wednesday’s People. While the 24-year-old actress is certainly not a bridezilla, Panettiere admitted to some pretty horrendous hairstyles in her young life. Avoid chopping off the locks, as Hayden had to, with a few of the following hair care tips.

In a refreshingly candid interview with People, Hayden Panettiere gushed over her future wedding plans with 37-year-old Wladimir Klitschko. The “Nashville” star also explained the reason behind her recent dramatic haircut, not visible on the TV show thanks to hair extensions.

My hair was so damaged before, I had to cut it off and give it a rest. I love having short hair. But the grass is always greener. You have it for a couple of months, and then you’re ready to go back to long.

I call my hair my ‘problem child.’ It’s blonde and curly. It gets blown out every morning, so the heat is damaging.

Being in the spotlight, Hayden Panettiere has to always be coiffed to perfection, which can be damaging to the hair. But you don’t have to be an actress to have the same issues. Instead of washing and styling everyday, use a dry shampoo to freshen the blowout.

Panettiere went on to tout the benefits of Neutrogena’s Triple Repair Hair Care System as “completely repairing her hair.”

The Hair and Nails Examiner has never seen a pharmacy brand restore damaged hair before. Hayden also happens to be the Neutrogena celebrity spokesperson. There are much better professional hair care brands on the market that should be coordinated through your licensed hairstylist, which work synergistically with your salon services.

Hayden Panettiere then discussed her hair disasters she incurred as a teen, all undoubtedly done without the guidance of a hair care professional.

...Some of my school pictures when the crunchy hair was in, you would get out of the shower and put the most intense gel you could find in your hair. You could blow on your hair and it would snap in half. And then I dyed my hair red once, which was also a terrible idea. It washed out into a lovely orange. It was a very unattractive part of my life.

Yes, the wet look young girls loved about 10 years ago kept gel manufacturers in business and hairstyling assistants busy at the sink washing out the product. Thankfully, Hayden Panettiere grew out of that look and fell into the hands of professionals who tend to her celebrity hair. However, for those reading this, please do not dye your hair at home with the box. Hayden’s hair turned orange. Always visit a licensed hair care professional for any color service.

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